Intro to Health is Your Wealth


How much could you be saving???


The amount you would save annually in medical costs if you do not develop a chronic condition


The amount you would save annually in medical costs if you maintain a healthy weight


The amount you would save annually by eating a healthy whole food diet versus eating fast food

Walton Wellness’ Health is Your Wealth campaign aims to emphasize the connection between your health and money by presenting health as a type of savings account and a source of financial security. In this campaign we encourage you to invest in your health for overall wealth by following our five steps to Health is Your Wealth.

Start planning today

Option 1: Download the workbook as a whole PDF HERE. or Word Document HERE.

Option 2: Get a spiral bound hard copy of the workbook from Walton Wellness. Contact them at for yours.

Option 3: Find out more and download each step separately by following the links below.

Step 1: Family Health History 

Gather and record your family health history to get a better understanding of your risk for many genetically linked conditions. Get started HERE.

Step 2: Current Health Status

Collect your personal health data to compile a complete picture of your current health status.   Get started HERE.

Step 3: Health Risk Analysis

Use our information flow charts to analyze the health data you have collected from your family history and your current health status. Get started HERE.

Step 4: Plan for Your Wealth 

This step will guide you in developing immediate and long-term lifestyle goals based on your step 3 results. These goals will pertain to both health and wealth planning and the intersection of the two. Get started HERE.

Step 5: Sweat Equity

Maintain your plan. In this step you will find a list of resources to support your Health is Your Wealth Plan. Get started HERE.

Disclaimer: This is not a diagnostic tool and does not take the place of professional medical advice. For any concerns, please talk to your doctor.