Grow A Row


Our vision for the Mobile Farmacy Market

One day 100% of our produce will be grown in our community and donated to our market by the people of Walton County.

What is Grow A Row?

It is an effort to realize our vision.  We are challenging YOU, Walton County: individuals, churches, civic clubs, businesses and organizations to grow a raised bed and donate its harvest to the market.

Walton Wellness will provide organizations with everything you need to Grow A Row, a raised bed kit, supplies and expert advice on planting, if needed.

If you want more information please contact us

Already Have Produce to Donate?

First let us say:  THANK YOU!  YOU ARE AWESOME!

If you already have a garden or a farm and would like to donate your surplus to the Mobile Farmacy Market here is how:

Bring your produce donation anytime to the Walton County Work Release building.  The work release building is the small building next to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office encircled in razor wire fencing.  No need to let anyone know  You can leave the produce in front of the fence it will be collected and put into our cold storage.